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Weinerman & Associates, LLC is a Minnesota-registered, Burnsville-based, regionally-licensed, full-service consumer debt buyer and receivable asset management company that focuses on the acquisition, management, recovery and resale of under and non-performing portfolios of consumer debt. As an active member of the ACA (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) and the DBA (Debt Buyer's Association) the company's key objective is delivering exceedingly higher than industry standard results while working in an ethical and enthusiastic work environment. Weinerman & Associates leverages its experienced management and collection staff averaging a tenure of sixteen plus years along with its key industry partners to develop and execute standardized and relevant collection methodologies across its portfolios.

Weinerman and Associates

Key Strengths


Weinerman & Associates believes in having an objective-oriented focus of debt acquisition and collection methodology working in a competitive network environment where results are rewarded for all involved.


Weinerman & Associates relies on its core team of individuals committed to overall success. They are all experienced professionals in the financial services and receivables management industry with a passion for performance.


Weinerman & Associates has partnered with industry leading technology providers to be using the most efficient and scalable collection and debt management solutions available, here are some highlights.

  • Weinerman & Associates has chosen CSS Impact as its core business operating platform.
  • Weinerman & Associates operate on this platform in an application service provider (ASP) model with its data protected, stored and backed up off site in SAS 70 certified data centers.
  • Working in this fashion from a technological perspective guarantees fast, professional service and technical assistance as required 24 hrs as day, 365 days.
  • This reduces our IT overhead, increases our technical expertise and allows Weinerman & Associates to focus on what they do best, perform on delinquent assets.
  • Credit bureau reporting and pulling from TransUnion.
  • External database searches for skip-tracing from leaders in the industry such as Accurint, MetroNet, Interactive Data, Lexis-Nexis, Experian, TransUnion and others.
  • Integrated Online Payment Processing for ACH and Credit Cards from EPP.

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